Sea Lions - Negro League Baseball T-Shirt

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Sea Lions - Negro League Baseball T-Shirt by Jack's

- 100 Cotton - Super Soft
- Standard Men's Sizing - Unisex
- Super Soft Screen Print
- Proudly Printed In San Francisco At Against The Grain 
- Jack's Exclusive Design, Sold Only By Jack's

There are almost more rumors than fact when it comes to the Sea Lions.  What is fact is they were a short lived team that played as part of the Negro League in 1946.  They were short lived because this was the time when the major leagues finally started allowing blacks to play so the Negro League slowly died away.  Rumor is they had a kick ass female player and that Willie Mays dad also played on the team.

The teddy bear mascot is because they couldn't afford uniforms so they were gifted ones with a teddy bear on them.  Thus the Sea Lions but with a teddy bear.  If you watch closely you'll see the Giants play games from time to time wearing the bear to give a little love to the Sea Lions.