San Francisco Clippers Football Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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San Francisco Clippers Long Sleeve T- Shirt by Jack's

-100% Premium Cotton
-Standard Men's Sizing - Unisex
-Super Soft Screen Print
-Locally Printed Supporting Bay Area Small Businesses
-Jack's Vintage Exclusive, Sold Only By Jack's

Every once in a while we come upon something where we immediately say "damn, that's cool". Well, this is it.

The Clippers (formerly Bay Packers) played in San Francisco from 1940 to 1948 as part of the PCPFL (Pacific Coast Professional Football League). Since there was no pro football west of Chicago they were a bit of a big deal. During the war leagues like this drew huge crowds. It was one of the few escapes most people could enjoy away from the news of the war.

After the war ended the NFL decided to expand to the West Coast starting with the Los Angeles Rams so in 1948 the PCPFL folded. For true sports fanatics the story is much more complicated with lots of leagues merging and folding and teams doing the same. This is our EZ version of the story.