Oakland Oaks Baseball Ball Cap

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Oakland Oaks Baseball Ball Cap by American Needle

 -100% Cotton
- Adjustable Cloth Strap
- Embroidered Logo
- MILB Licensed

NOTE: All hats are the traditional, unstructured style ball cap. They ship flat. When your cap arrives just roll the bill a bit and pop the brim out and it's just like new.

One of the founding members of the Pacific Coast League with the Seals, the Oaks played from 1903 to 1955 in multiple locations around the Bay. Their main stadium, which was named after them, was in Emeryville and is now where the Pixar building stands. For many years they were owned by the same owner as the Seals and even played with the Seals for awhile in their Mission stadium. When they closed out here they moved the franchise to Vancouver Canada. They were controversial for having one of the first black players in 1916. 

By the way, if you can explain to Jack how you get Oakland Oaks out of this logo he would forever be in your debt.  For the life of us we can't see it.