Hong Wah Kues Basketball T-Shirt

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Hong Wah Kues T-Shirt by Jack's

- 100% Premium Cotton
- Standard Men's Sizing - Unisex
- Super Soft Screen Print
- Proudly Printed In San Francisco At Against The Grain
- Jack's Exclusive Design, Sold Only By Jack's

What a hidden gem of a lost local sports legend. Hong Wah Kues (Brave Chinese Warriors) was a professional basketball team out of Chinatown in the late 1930s. They played in a league called the Barnstorming League that was as much show as play. They were the only professional all-Chinese team in the country. They played against teams like the Harlem Globetrotters, Toledo Brown Bombers, and Olson's Terrible Swedes. The players traveled the country with seven people in one car. They were famous for their showmanship even though the tallest was only 5,11 and the shortest 5,3. They had an excellent record of 70% wins. Unfortunately, the league was disbanded in the early 40s because of the war. After the war, the story is murky, but there is some connection to USF and a new name, the Saints. The Saints became part of the ABL and eventually the Oakland Oaks.