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Knickerbockers Baseball T-Shirt by Jack's

- 100% Premium Cotton
- Standard Men's Sizing - Unisex
- Super Soft Screen Print
Proudly Printed In San Francisco At Against The Grain
- Jack's Exclusive Design, Sold Only By Jack's

This is the story of San Francisco's first "baseball team" or what in those days were called "base ball clubs" .  Much of the history of this team was lost in the 1906 earthquake and fires but here is a bit of what we know.  

The year is 1851 and San Francisco is at the peek of the Gold Rush.  Several recent arrivals to the city got together and created the Knickerbocker Club to begin playing base ball.  The first games were in the Plaza which is now Portsmouth Square in Chinatown.  The reason they chose the name Knickerbockers is because many of the players had come from New York where the Knickerbocker base ball club was one of the hottest things in town.

Around 1860 they started playing as the Eagles (we think) using official New York base ball rules.  They now played at the Park and Rec Grounds which was at Folsom and 25th and had a real base ball field.  There was a historic game in 1860 between the Eagles and the Pacifics which is considered to be the real start to base ball in San Francisco.

This is a highly condensed version of the story.  For the full story you can read the detailed essay here.