Maine Central Railway Ball Cap

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Maine Central Railway Ball Cap by American Needle

- 100% Cotton
- Adjustable Cloth Strap
- Embroidered Patch

NOTE: All hats are the traditional, unstructured style ball cap. They ship flat. When your cap arrives just roll the bill a bit and pop the brim out and it's just like new.

Every year Jack gets a batch of this hat around Christmas even through there is no Christmas connection.  The Maine Central Railway was one of the coolest regional rail lines in the country running from around 1860 to 1960.  There was a fun baseball connection to their story.   In the early 1900's the conductors would get signed baseballs from famous players and as they passed the small town sandlots where boys played baseball they would toss the balls out to them. 

Who remembers running home every afternoon to watch Dark Shadows and see if Barnabus would bite someone?  For those of you as ancient as Jack you'll appreciate that this is the train to Collinsport.